Tourist Places In India

Places To Travel In India


India is not only a country of agriculture and industries; rather it is a complete tourism hub in itself. If you want to experience every face of rich Indian taste, then you will require a whole life as every state, every city and every village has its own tourist attraction. Here, you will find the language completely changed after every fifty steps. India is a country of variations in dresses, language, food and eatables, religion and culture, beauty, climate, talents etc. Where Kashmir is pride of India and said to be the heaven on earth, at the same time Kanya-kumari is south’s crown.


Tourist Places In India


The Marvellous beauty of Elephanta caves

There are countless attractions in India that attracts millions of visitors in the country. The rich and diverse culture of the country leaves a lasting impression on the tourists. Every corner of India is famous for something or the other. The culture in the country is so diverse that if you travel from on e part to another you won’t even realize that you are in the same country. Every zone of India will depict you a different Image of India. The north zone is famous for its scienic beauty, the south zone is famous for its heritage of art & culture, the western part is famous for its night life and the eastern part is renowned for spiritual beauty. So, we can classify the tourist places in India as:



The beauty of Kashmir- Dal lake

Scienic Beauty: North India Travel Places

The beauty of north is wrapped up in the exquisite range of Himalayas which keep the atmosphere cool and attract tourists to visit the chain of north states every year. Snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir throb the young hearts and make them love the amazing beauty of the beauty of north. There are various such attractions in the northern parts that attact the visitors. The Kashmir Valley is referred to as  the ‘Heaven on Earth’,  there ae several places in the state that dazzle the tourist with their beauty and the pleasent sights in the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh never fail to mesmerize the visitors. There you can do adventures like the Trekking, Rafting, Mountaneering, Skiing in the hills of Manali,Shimla and Masuri.  The ‘Taj Mahal’  in Agra is regarded amongst the seven wonders on the earth and accounts for the highest number of tourist arrivals in the country. People come from around the globe to watch the beauty of Taj. The city of Varanasi is widely renowned as the holiest city in the world and many people come here to visit the ghats. The Indian National Capital has also been the capital of Mughals and has a lot to offer for the tourists, the historic monuments in the city like Red-fort gross the attention of tourists, the markets in Delhi are well renowned and tourists come here to buy useful stuffs at cheap rates. The state of Punjab is also blessed with some beautiful sights, the Golden Temple in Amritsar is the holiest shrine of Sikhs and is frequently visited by the visitors.


Cultural Beauty: South India Travel Places


The mesmerizing elephanta caves

There is a huge number of art lovers across India and world for whom Southern part of India is ideal holiday destination. South-India is a dynamic place for all the ancient culture oriented people who find great interest in discovering ancient art and culture. Padmanabh Swamy Temple, Tirupati Temple and the beautiful sculptures add beauty to the image of India in making it a tourist attraction. People from long distant countries come here to know about the history of India and even the ruins of ancient era attract journalism tourists and students to extract the truth for their projects. The natural beauty in the coastal staes of the Kerala and Tamil-Nadu pull huge number of tourists in the south India. The Kochi Airport in Kerala accounts for the highest tourist traffic in the country. The people from all parts of India and around the world visit Kochi because of its natural beauty. The city is renowned for its beaches and backwaters, it is also well-renowned for its man-grooves and many wild-life lovers get emphasized by the beauty of south India. The city of Kanyakumari lies on the southern most corner of India and is named as ‘Crown of South-India’. The city spellbinds the vistors with its beauty, along with this the Nawabi culture of Hyderabad with delicious food is another aspects that drags the visitors towards the South India, the Charminar is one of the most visited monuments across the country.


The night party in Goan beaches

The night party in Goan beaches

Night Lover’s Paradise: West India Travel Places

Enough about north and south; lets discuss the attractions of west and east.  The west part of India is known for its night life, the coastal states like the Maharashtra and Goa are known for their night culture. Especially, Goa is a major tourist hub in the area that accounts for highest number of tourist arrivals. The most popular city in the west is Mumbai that is also known as ‘Bollywood ki Nagri’, the street food of Mumbai attracts the tourists towards the city, especially the ‘Pav Bhaji’  of Mumbai is very famous. The ‘Gateway Of India’  is deemed as the door to India and is quite renowned across the tourists. The west part of India is  also confronted with beautiful forests of Gujarat and desert of Rajasthan. The ethnic culture of Gujarat showcases the authentic Guajarati food, popularly known as Gujarati Thal; consists mouth-watering and exotic dishes like khaman dhokla, thepla, khakhra, sev- tamatar nu saag, baajre nu rotlo, attract foreign tourists. The folk dance ‘Garba’ is the main centre of attraction. Where in Rajasthan, people love the culture, dance and food of that state. The lavish food consist Gatte ki sabzi, laal maans, saangri and the folk dance that attracts major tourists is, Ghoomar. The heavy work Ghagra is the main centre of attraction for all the female tourists. Rajasthan is also famous for its Rajputi architecture and the state is blessed with some of the finest monuments across the country like Hawamhal, Chittor Fort etc.


Spiritual Beauty: East and North-East India Travel Places


The Beautiful Jagannath Puri Temple

The eastern India has Bengal, Assam, Nagpur, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orrisa, Arunachal Pradesh etc kind of states. The beauty of Bengal lies in the sweetness of every bit of its culture. From language to attire, from food to rituals of celebrating festivals. Tourists love the staple sweet dish of Bengal which is popularly famous as ‘Roshogulla’. The major point of attraction is the festival of Durga Pooja which is celebrated on national level. Pandaal of Maa Durga is situated on every four-square to express the level of devotion towards the festival. The north-eastern zone of India is known for its spiritual connect, the states like the Sikkim, Meghalaya, Manipur have been blessed with various monasteries where you can learn meditation and provide calmth to your soul. The Jagannath temple in Puri, Orrisa is one of the most decorated temples across the country and tourists come here throughout the year in numbers. Apart from this, you can visit the Sunderban delta which is the largest delta in the world, the area is blessed with some of rarest and endemic species and is absolute delight for the wildlife lovers.


These are a short list of reasons why people are much inclined towards the beauty of India, and why they wish to visit again and again when it comes to visit beautiful places. Let’s discuss a list of some tourist attractions in India that are probably the reason, why India is known popularly and widely among various foreign tourists.